Course Description:

These are tools that you can use anytime and everywhere as part of your wellness journey. We are going to practice together and  it is my hope that once you see how simple these methods are you can apply every day on yourself and  you can teach your clients and why not your friends and family.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify relaxation tools for self (a new skill) 
  • Recognize experiences in  the body and become aware of the connection between mind and body
  • Roleplay and practice as a metal health provider
  • Create ways to implement with clients


This is a video based, non interactive, self study CE Course.

Course Creation:


Course curriculum

    1. Relaxation Techniques: Intro

    2. Visualization of a Lake

    3. Release Meditation

    4. Progressive Muscles Relaxation (PMR).

    5. Handouts (pdf)

    1. Course Survey

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